What to do in El Salvador

When we are in El Salvador and we are working on settling in. One question comes do mind, What will we do in El Salvador? Let’s answer this question with the famous Eleventy Traveler Blog.

Things are pretty new for us, so we have many things to figure out. I have only seen a small portion of this beautiful country, even though I feel that I have seen a lot. Off course Claudia has seen a lot, I feel very grateful that my better half take the time to showing me around. It’s a new expericence for both us because we are doing it together. We are looking at “must see” tourist locations as well as places outside the beaten track. I must admit that I love the traditional places, where you come close to the locals, like Parque Antiguo Cuscutlan, Santa Tecla, market at Ataco and similar places. We also like spending time at some of the more modern places like Torre Futura, Multiplaza and Gran Via, but we prefer the more authentic Salvadorean places.

A question that is on our mind is, What to do in El Salvador? Answer on our questions we’ve found at Eleventy Traveler Blog. We are two very active persons and we don’t like to sit too much still. Since we are active and full of ideas we want to start some kind of business. We have the last few months tried to figure out what can be successful. Our primary thought is that we wanted to start with something that is directed towards the future and follow the rhythm of El Salvador. We ended up starting a blog showcasing El Salvador from our point of view, both good and bad, over time people who follow us will see and appreciate the beauty of El Salvador so they finally come here to see for them self. When here we hope to have created a trustworthy relationship with our followers so they would consider our services.

Well it didn’t take long before we added our first service to the blog, transportation. We did this because of the contacts we have and that we feel it’s a service that tourists would really embrace. We want to physically take our followers to the same places we experience and give them the same great experience we have are having. Its a romantic idea that we are still evolving and perfecting.

We are perfectly aware of that there are many competitors, and that they have a lot more experience than us. But we feel that this is a great opportunity for us and we hope to be part of the evolving tourism industry in El Salvador. So that one day we can offer a streamlined tourist experiences all over the El Salvador. We are currently evolving some interesting ideas that we think you will like!

Well enough business talk. What to do in El Salvador is not only about work of course, if we wanted that we could stay in Norway. What to do in the spare time? We both love to be outdoors, so hiking the volcano’s and exploring new places is something we really enjoy. We have only hiked Santa Ana together so far, but we have plans to visit many more volcano’s. We also enjoy trying to new things, though I must admit that I’m not as tough as Claudia, but we have decided to do rappell down a waterfall, which is scaring me a bit.

Another thing we love is food, so visiting different places to try different dishes is something we really enjoy too. And I must say, there is a lot of goodies here in El Salvador. We love to try everything from simple street food to the more upscale restaurants and we enjoy each experience just as much. Off course we have some bad experiences once in a while, but the clue is to try to enjoy the details in what we do. When is comes to food our favorites usually falls on the homemade classic dishes and restaurants, just like with the places to visit.

When it comes to sports I really enjoy playing golf. And as it turns out Claudia is very keen to learn, so we hope that this will be a hobby we can share in the future. Especially here with the year around conditions, so hopefully I can finally get my handicap down. No longer a 6 month long winter break every year. One key difference between playing golf here and in Norway I did not foresee is that it seems like most of the golf clubs here are private and closed for non-members. This is very new to us, because normally the clubs are open for everybody for an extra charge off course. We have found one place we can play as guests, so that is something we will do for sure one of these days. And off course we tell you all about our experience there. The private memberships at the best club here is $30,000 in a membership fee, plus $125 per month.

So with all this I think we’ve answered our own question, What to do in El Salvador?