Poker Night in America

From Thunder Valley Resort in Lincoln, California, this is Poker Night in America.

– Hello, and welcome to Poker Night in America, I’m Chris Hanson, this guy is the pride of Southern Tennessee, he’s Joe Stapleton, and Stapes, time for day three here at Thunder Valley. – Is it just me or does Thunder Valley sound like the name of a roller coaster at Disneyland. – Thunder Valley.

To me it sounds more like a Garth Brooks song. How ’bout we split the difference and call it a fansastical NASCAR track where all the drivers are anthropomorphic bears. – Or how about we call it a place where poker pros and Silicon Valley tycoons play some of the sickest hands of cash game poker you’ve ever seen. – Whatever. – [Chris] Here’s the starting lineup for today in Thunder Valley, welcome to JC Tran making his very first Poker Night in America appearance. – [Joe] Is that guy’s name really Bonsack?

I’m allowed to say that, like as much as I want? Bonsack, Bonsack, Bonsack, Bonsack. – [Chris] You can say it all you want. – [Joe] That is awesome, Mark Bonsack.

– [Chris] Welcome back to Poker Night in America, Mark. I actually know exactly what you mean too – The first few shows I watched of Poker Night in America, – [Joe] I love when Phil’s in producer mode. but the last year we’ve done really good I feel like. ú- At the beginning we had like, it was nine-handed and it was a bunch of alphas, I mean it was all like supreme talkers. Oh wow!

We’re getting started on some high notes tonight. Bonsack raises with ace ten suited. Bowmans got pocket tens. and then you got David Baker with aces. – That was still almost the hand of the day, did you see that one JC?

We were playing south africa online casinos accepting ecopayz, yesterday, third hand of the day, straddle, double, triple for 400, and Chamoth had the, and then David made is 1250, and it got to Chamoth, called but you could see him hesitate a little bit, like he had something, and then David Baker said, “I bet 1250 no matter what the flop is.” And Chamoth said “I’m all in no matter what the flop is.” And then he made a big speech of only folding if it comes exactly ace-king-queen.

– I had two nines. – [Man] What did it come? – Jack-Five-duce. Chamoth had ace ten An Ace or a 10, might call. Turned a King and like 20K, like that.

That’s a baller move though to move all-in the dark, ’cause if it comes King-Queen. – I might fold King-Queen. He might get me. – I mean, the timing was sorta right. – I mean I thought about that a lot, I really like this play, because he’s getting paid off.

I think if any random ace comes, he calls. – I think it’s tough for, it’s really tough for him to call a lot of flops, actually, one over at the most. – How did you do in the Chinese yesterday? – I lost 8,000. But that’s a small, that’s 40 points at 200. We’ve already had sessions this year where one of us has lost 60 or 70 or 80 or 90 thousand.

That is some expensive Chinese, that is like P.F. Chang’s expensive. – [Man] I’ve never ordered Chinese by points, I don’t know. – Well what happens, we’ll go to 200 a point, then 400 a point, then 800, so things get out of control. By the way I can’t afford to play that high. – Just think, if you lose 500 points at 800 a point, it’s 400K.

– He might have a little bit more money, even he might have a little bit more money than the entire poker community. – Everybody combined? – It may be possible. – [Chris] Bowman calls.

– I’m all in, 4200. – so sick. – [Joe] This is the time for a soul read, and then possible a soul fold, and then maybe a shower followed up by some Soul Glo. – It’s too early now. – [Joe] Nice fold. – Do I have to show?

– Is this a show? – I think it’s a show pot. – You sure you wanna see?

– [Joe] He’s the only player who doesn’t wanna see what it is. Pat yourself on the back, my friend, you earned it. – Have a nice article in Golf Digest coming up, I did a photo shoot where I stood on the table and they put stacks of chips, 20 stacks of chips 30 high, and they said ‘Phil, we want you to hit a wedge through them.’

This was on Tuesday. And I was worried about hurting my wrist, and the first swing I just went and I went through ’em all. So I did that like five or six times, seven iron, sand wedge, it was the coolest photo shoot I’ve ever been in.

– Steel shaft? – I tried not to use my clubs. They wanted to bring my clubs and I’m like you want me to hit through all that stuff with my clubs? – [Joe] We’re missing a major cooler this time and it’s Bowman who got David. There’s a chance he could get his money back and then some.

This hand is much harder to get away from than Bowman’s 10s were before. Baker has raised the raise, ruh roh. – [Chris] We’re now at 2450 back to Bowman. – I raise 1000 more.

– [Joe] With Bowman’s stack he could probably move in here, but if you do you’re running the risk of taking away your opponent’s ability to continue to bluff if he is bluffing, which he’s not. Either way, anything but folding looks awfully strong. – [Chris] Alright we’re at 5900 as we go to the turn. Ace of Spades, now Baker picks up the nut flush draw. And there are lots more chances for chopportunity now. One quarter of the time they will chop at showdown.

Both players check, and the river is the Queen of Spades, so Baker now has got the nut flush. – [Chris] And Bowman loves his hand so much he’s just puttin’ out a tiny little bet, he has no idea he’s just been rivered. Now does David know enough in this hand to raise, that’s the question. He has the nut flush, but it’s not the nuts. Lots of full houses out there. David probably wondering if Bowman would pay off with just a king and it turns out he would.