Picturistic Ruta de Flores

This weekend we were pretty busy and having some long days visiting new and exciting places. On Sunday we chose to take a trip to the Picturistic Ruta de Flores.

Ruta de Flores in a 36km long winding trip through some brightly colored colonial towns famed for lazy weekends of gastronomy and all the galleries. Here you will find a lot of homemade things like sandals, lamps, furniture, cups, pictures, necklaces and much much more. In every town you can walk for hours looking at different hand crafted products. These towns are also the epicenter for the extreme and action sport in El Salvador, you can find activities like mountain biking, ATV adventures, zip-lining, horseback riding and hiking to hidden waterfalls scattered throughout the glorious Cordillera Apaneca. This is also the place where you’ll find the country’s first coffee plantations and some of its finest indigenous artisans and a world-famous weekly food festival.

We ended up going to Ataco, Juayua and Los Naranjos. We started the day by having breakfast in the car after stopping at San Martin. We chose a real calori bomb, croissants with ham, cheese and mushrooms. And off course my Must Have morning coffee, really love the Salvadorean coffee, so rounded and smooth to drink. When arriving to Ataco we just stopped in a small side street and started wandering down to the market. The market is just scattered around in the streets and it’s a mix of booths and local stores, some just claim a street corner and put their items there. One of the first places we came to was a man standing on the street corner selling wooden lamp shades in different sizes and colors. Really beautiful work and something unique. We ended up buying a lamp shade in natural wood, only paying $10. Now we just have to figure out where to put it.

After wandering around looking at this and that, mi amor found a set of ear rings and matching necklace she really liked, really beautiful and handcrafted with stunning colors. So off course we ended up buying that too 🙂 I’m very interested in the wooden furniture and especially some of the beach chairs they make, so we found a place selling this. I ended up trying the chair, trying all the positions and asking many questions. We dream of having a Tiki hut on the beach one day, a family barbecue and relax area with hamacas, and these chairs would fit perfect around the Tiki hut.

After this we were getting a little hungry and the best, cheapest and most healthy thing to do then here in El Salvador is to snack on fruits. I had never seen or tried Mamones before so off course this had to be tested. We got a sample from the woman selling fruits and it turned out to be delicious. For me the taste reminded me of green grapes, even dough the fruit is completely different. Never tried so many delicious tropical fruits before, really starting to enjoy fruits now.

Next we decided it was best to go to Juayua to take a look at the market here. You’ll find a lot of the same here, but with some slight differences. The Juayuabiggest difference for me was that here most of the market was under dark tents and not open like at Ataco. It was more crowded and felt a little more claustrophobic. Another feeling we had was that it was more dirty and some places had terrible smells. Even though we ended up walking around and suddenly I found something we had been looking for, coconut cups. They are really cute and we ended up having a drink from the coconut cups in the evening. Another interesting fact here is that they have large reptile park here, you’ll find snakes, spiders, fish, turtles and many other reptiles. So if you love reptiles this might be your place. We didn’t stay too long after buying the cups, so we decided to go to Los Naranjos for lunch.

At Los Naranjos there is a place called El Paso del Alaska which offer many adventure sport activities like ATV’s, climbing, zip lining, horseback riding and much more. Here you can also rent cabins and stay for a few days, to have the time to try out all the activities they offer. Its a nice and refreshing place with scenery that is breathtaking.

Since we were hungry and that was the reason for going here, off course they also have a really nice restaurant. We ended up trying the surf and turf parilla. They pre-grill your meat for a short while and then they serve everything on a small personal grill which keeps all the food warm. A really cool and different way of serving the meat. The beef was very tender and tasty, but the chicken was dry, as it often is. All in all a great meal with spectacular view.

Well that ended off a long day wandering around and taking in all the new sights, smells and tastes. Then its time for the 2 hour long drive back to San Salvador.

We are in talks with some local adventure tour companies there, so that we can offer you a complete package with transport, adventure activities and lunch. It will a unique and greatKeep following us if this is of interest for you.